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Pay Personal Attention!

Yah, it's been a while since my last blog post. Like a whole lot of you, things have been a little hectic around here (um actually ridiculously hectic- . Between attending to my 5 kids, homeschooling, continuing my practice as an Art Therapist and preparing for Passover, it was a little difficult to find the mind space necessary to write another post. I think I'm picking up a new skill... juggling (ha! I actually attempted to learn how to juggle for realz - but more about my medical clowning-days later) Well, parents in general, mothers and fathers discover that they have learned this skill as soon as they come home from the hospital with their first child. But, I think we can agree its safe to say that during this Coronavirus pandemic this is becoming more of a trait or even a profession - so bravo to us!

And I know what some of you might be thinking.."I have no idea what she's talking about- this juggling thing is not working!" or "I'm losing my freakin' mind - I can't work and have the kids home - they are glued to their screens!"

So if you're feeling like you can't handle this pandemic - the next post is going to talk more about that - but in the meantime... you should still pat yourself on the back - I don't care if your kid fell asleep with their clothes on (although if they are anything like some of my kids, they were probably in their PJ's all day). Or if you broke down crying - because today just didn't go as you wished. If you're still trying - that's what counts. Believe in your abilities and even if you have kids running circles around you because they are so stir-crazy that they think you are the pole on a merry-go-round, breath and laugh through it - stay calm. And if you can't - simply go to the other room and take deep breaths and relax. See more tips here). Because you can do this!

Now, although there are many ideas that I would like to write about and I truly hope I'll have the time to, but for now, I would like to keep this post short and sweet.

An important lesson from the Seder

One of the main emphasis of the Seder Night, the first night of Passover, is engaging the younger generations - basically helping them to be more involved.

This can prove to be challenging for many, many reasons. One of them being, that usually your kids would be of different ages (duh! - unless you have quintuplets). A simple, yet extremely effective tip is to pay personal attention to each one in their own special way!

We are all winners!

During my Passover cleaning (=Spring cleaning), I came across these really fantastic certificates that I hadn't used!

I thought this could be a great way to give a personalized award to each child. This will have a double effect. First, is to show appreciation for their behavior during this difficult time (this will instill trust in them and create a safer environment for them - see my other post where I address that). And secondly, each kid will get a different part of the Seder that they will lead. The award will be given to them upon completion of their part. At which point we can discuss our appreciation of what we are blessed to have, especially during this challenging time.

This is just a simple example you can follow, just a direction. I encourage you to use your awesome imagination and come up with something that suits you better. Amaze your kids with cool and original ideas to show your appreciation for them and you'll be amazed at how they will do the same towards you!

That's simple enough for a 2:40 AM post!

Wishing you all a super-happy and kosher and pleasant Pesach!

Tziona Brauner

M.A. Art Therapy

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